Eating produce not our own

It has been a sad summer in many ways, not the least of which includes not having access to our own produce. As the "stay behind team" here on the coast we have learned what we already knew: there are no other farms in our area selling local produce or offering a CSA (we would have happily joined!). Instead we've been stuck with what we could buy at the grocery store.

Yesterday, grumbling over the Florida tomatoes stacked in piles for $1.50lb, I watched in horror as the woman next to me picked up a tomato that was rotten, squealed in disgust, put it down and went on to the next tomato. I'll leave it at that; I won't even get into questions or quality control or how far those tomatoes traveled to reach the store. Sigh.

I am struck by the difference in vegetables as I wash, cut, and cook them. Gone is the crunch of freshness. Gone is the gleam of produce that was just picked. Instead I have sad, limp items that seem to plead with me to put them out of their misery.

It has been a sad summer eating produce not our own. We are ready for things to change.