Goats on the move

This week was goat moving time. On Thursday morning, 75 nannies, two "pet" goats (Phil and Buddy) and one billy goat (Ahab) hopped onto a trailer and made the eight hour drive from the coast to the hills of north Georgia.

How, you ask, does one load 78 goats? Well...We decided that Phil and Ahab would travel in the front compartment of the trailer so they went on first. Phil, being mostly pet at this point in his life, was more agreeable than Ahab. We pushed and pulled Phil onto the trailer and then Ahab agreed to go too. Then we started with the nannies. The trailer had another four compartments so that we could divide the nannies into groups and try to prevent too much pushing and bumping. We opened the gate and Gracie quickly jumped on and trotted down to "chat" with Ahab. The other nannies were not so quick to succumb to his wily charms, but with a little encouragement, everyone was loaded and on their way.

Traffic presented some problems as we were running with the flow of others fleeing the projected path of Irma, but our livestock hauler (we'll call him "Steve") is the best of the best and he made sure our girls were safe and sound.

By 3:30pm, everyone was in their new paddock in Silver Creek enjoying a drink of fresh, cool water and new pasture with weeds which is, honestly, what goats love best.

Goats? Safe and sound!