The end of the year approaches and things are changing here. In the gardens, our makeshift tunnel holds ranuculas and the promise of spring flowers. The garlic has sprouted (silly garlic! there are predictions for snow next weekend!) but the daffodils and tulips seem to have a more leisurely pace to them. Small plantings of snapdragons, lupin, larkspur and Queen Anne's Lace are also up ("Up, up, up," Harrison chants to the garden every morning although sometimes this means things are sprouting and sometimes it means he is planning to pull them up!).

The goats are enjoying more freedom as the Guardians of the Universe step into their roles as great protectors. Thanks to Sam and Max, we've been able to allow the goats into a new pasture with plenty of weeds to munch. This makes goats and puppies happy.


In the mornings, things here are fog. I've never seen fog like this. We had fog in Maine, but in the dips and valleys. Here the fog encompasses the whole landscape like a blanket. It does not burn off before late morning. Then the landscape is still shrugging off autumn. Winter has not arrived - yet. The trees hold their golden beauty and remind us to look at the light as it filters down. Sometimes I catch my breath at the sights.


And yet the season is changing. Here, the moon comes up so full and bright that the light makes the evening look like the day. Harrison is sometimes baffled when I ask him to show me the moon and says, instead, "Sun." It is a new world, a new vision of the world for us and a new beginning of the world for him. Winter is coming.