If things have seemed quiet lately, they have not been. We are "dealing" with 60 baby goats in a new location designed for cattle. The fences here are well-made, sturdy and just right for baby goat jumping, going under, slipping between and evading. The goats are almost always somewhere they are not supposed to be.

This is most true in two instances: the bottle babies and any event involving acorns.

Goats love acorns and the crops we used to grow in the south were nothing compared to the bumper crop of oaks and acorns available here. The goats wander from grove of trees to grove of trees and gorge themselves on the crunchy little nuts. Being goats, however, they are always looking for something they cannot have. The acorns in the yard around the house are, apparently, the most tender, sweet and delicious acorns on the entire 400 acres.  Add to this enticement the fact that there are roses nearby and you offer the goats something they cannot resist. Acorn snack followed by a few rose leaves? Delicious!

We've been fighting this problem for weeks, struggling to keep the little dears out of the yard. Finally, we decided to outsmart them. We placed ourselves around the yard in teams and opened the gate. In two afternoons, the goats have eaten all of the acorns and the roses have been protected.

Work smarter, not harder!