Beginning Again

As the days draw shorter here, my to-do list grows longer. I've been "home" now long enough that I am beginning to know my way around (a little), at least enough to find my socks and toothbrush in the dark. This is a big property (400 acres) and I've only explored a fraction of it. Still, in the currently available garden space (tiny but I've got to start somewhere) I've begun planting. The first few rows have been those to satisfy the demands of the family: arugula and radish, kale and carrots and scallions. But long-term (from here until spring which is about as long-term as I can see right now) I'm thinking flowers. Into the ground in the next few weeks, daffodils are going! Lots of them. In shapes and colors we did not dare grow in Zone 9 down on the coast.

Flowers for overwintering too. Larkspur and Bells of Ireland and Bachelor Buttons.

This move has been hard. We've been sad, scared, exhausted and confused, often all at the same time. I'm ready for pretty, happy, sweet-smelling, lovely things.

Sure, for now it's planning and dreaming, but spring will come and I intend to be ready!